Pool Rules


  • 1. Group organisers please note, that all parents must be informed that under no circumstances should children be left waiting unsupervised prior to or following any swimming session, or sporting activity of any kind in the Sport Complex or within our grounds.
  • 2. Group organisers should also note that it is your responsibility to be at any organised activity run by you or your club prior to the arrival of the rest of the members of your group.
  • 3. Supervision for dressing rooms is the responsibility of the group renting our facilities. All sessions must be supervised by a competent adult or by a parent attending with their child.
  • 4. Children under 4 years of age must be accompanied individually by an adult while using the pool.
  • 5. All children aged seven and over must adhere to the male only policy in the men's dressing rooms, females only in female dressing rooms.


  • 1. The maximum amount of people per group in the pool at any one time is 50.
  • 2. Swimmers entry to pool is through dressing rooms only.
  • 3. The dressing rooms are mainly used by swimming groups, because of this the floors are usually wet, and as such extreme caution should be taken when moving through these areas. People are advised to move slowly to avoid slipping.
  • 4. Persons who may be in need of assistance in our changing areas or in the pool area itself are advised that they must be accompanied by a helper at all times.
  • 5. The seats in dressing room areas are for sitting on. Please refrain from standing on seats as you may slip.
  • 6. While in the pool the following points of safety should be observed:
    • - No running on deck.
    • - No pushing, ducking, or splashing.
    • - No horseplay of any kind.
    • - No screaming.
    • - No acrobatics.
    • - No jumping or diving in any part of Pool.
    • - Footballs are not allowed in pool or dressing room areas.
    • - Glass bottles are not allowed in any part of Complex.
    • - Non-swimmers or children in armbands are not allowed to use the deep end of pool unless accompanied on a one to one basis by an adult.
    • Hygiene

      • 1. Showers should be taken before and after swimming.
      • 2. All swimmers should ensure that they use toilet prior to using pool.
      • 3. Persons with any type of foot infection must not use pool until cleared to do so by their G.P. or Chiropodist.
      • 4. If children are showing symptoms of a tummy bug, and/or diarrhoea, it is advised they should not go swimming. Accidents in the pool can contaminate the water and will cause the pool to close.
      • 5. Swimmers must wear a swim hat at all times in the water.
      • 6. Please advise swimmers in the group to use flip-flops or pool shoes whilst using the changing areas & the pool deck.
      • 7. For spectators, or those accompanying swimmers, outdoor footwear is not allowed in pool area or in wet areas of the dressing rooms. Please wear overshoes in these areas, and return after use. (Reusable overshoes are stored in white bins at the entrance to each changing room)
      • 8. No eating in or around pool area. Chewing Gum is strictly forbidden in all parts of Sports Complex.
      • 9. Please place litter, shampoo bottles etc. in bins provided.


      • 1. Groups may only book pool over a minimum ten-week period.
      • 2. Bookings are secured only when a booking form and copy if insurance is received.
      • 3. Rental Fees are payable at the start of each rental period.
      • 4. Pool rental charges are subject to change and should be checked at the start of each booking period.
      • 5. The Management on behalf of the Brothers of Charity reserve the right to cancel any group at any time within their booking period. N.B. on such occasion a refund may be made where appropriate.

      Use of cameras / mobile phones

      The use of mobile phones, camera phones, digital cameras, video recorders, or any other device for recording images is strictly forbidden within the Pool and Changing Room area.

      Please remind all of your members to turn off their phones prior to entering the Pool and Changing Room area.


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